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Why You Can Never Trust a Jeweller with Clean Hands!

By Claire, Creative Director of Vū Jewellers

Greetings, dear readers and sparkling jewel enthusiasts!

As the creative mind behind Vū Jewellers, it’s my duty to pull back the curtain and reveal a glittering truth: never, I repeat, NEVER trust a jeweller with clean hands! It’s not just a saying – it’s a bedrock principle of our shiny, sparkly trade. Allow me to elaborate... (yeah this is my formal excuse as to why my hands are never, ever photo ready, don't even get me started on the polish smudges on our faces lol!)

Busy hands making jewellery treasures at VU Jewellers Queenstown

The Mystery of the Missing Dirt

A jeweller with clean hands is like a chef with an empty pantry. Where’s the evidence of their craft? You see, every gemstone, every gold nugget, every delicate chain leaves its mark on our hands. If your jeweller’s mitts aren’t a veritable map of tiny scratches, polishing residue, and the occasional rogue diamond lodged under a nail, you’ve got to wonder: are they really getting their hands dirty in the name of beauty?

The Perils of the Pristine

Imagine walking into a workshop that looks like a museum exhibit, every piece gleaming and untouched. It would be totally fake, right? The same goes for jewellers. Our hands are our tools, and a little grime is a badge of honor! It shows we’ve been in the trenches, battling tarnish and setting stones with the precision of a surgeon and the persistence of a toddler trying to stay up past bedtime.

The Clean Hands Conundrum

Have you ever seen a jeweller's workshop? If not, pop on by and take a peak at ours at the back of the Vu shop in Queenstown... It’s a kaleidoscope of glittering chaos – gold dust mingling with polishing compounds, chunks of precious metal waiting for their moment of glory. Clean hands in such an environment? Highly suspicious. It’s like a detective in a crime-free town – what are they really up to? A jeweller with pristine hands might be spending more time admiring their manicure than crafting masterpieces. And trust me, you want your jeweller focused on your future heirloom, not their cuticles.

The Zen of Zest

We jewellers are artists and alchemists, transforming raw materials into objects of desire. Our hands tell a story – of passion, dedication, and a little bit of madness and hair pulling! Clean hands are a sign of inactivity. Dirty hands are proof of life, a testament to countless hours spent hunched over a bench, coaxing beauty out of chaos. In short, zest for our work means zest for life (and slightly grimy hands).

The Crucible of Creativity

Here at Vū Jewellers, we embrace the mess. It’s in the smudges and the grit that true creativity is forged. My own hands? Let’s just say they’ve seen things – they’ve bent wire, set stones and occasionally wrestled with a particularly stubborn piece of metal. It’s all part of the job. So next time you’re looking for a jeweller, remember: clean hands mean they’re missing out on the magic.

So everyone, trust in the grime. Look for the jeweller with the hands of a seasoned artisan, not the ones of a hand model. Because when it comes to your precious pieces, you want someone who’s been in the trenches, someone who’s gotten their hands dirty in pursuit of perfection.

Stay sparkling, stay discerning, and remember – dirty hands, priceless treasures.

With sparkling regards,

Claire, Creative Director, Vū Jewellers ;)

Grubby jewellery hands at Vu Jewellers Queenstown

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