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Jewellery Workshop

Tucked away at the back of Vu Jewellers Queenstown store is a jewellery workshop where we make, repair and remodel jewellery. We specialise in creating high quality, custom jewellery. 

Jewellery Remodelling and Making

Our jewellery workshop is always busy making custom jewellery, once you've gathered some ideas about what you like, pop in and have a chat with us to design your next piece.  We make rings, including engagement and wedding rings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings and cufflinks. 

We can source a wide range of high quality, ethically sourced gemstones and metals to be used in your jewellery but we also love remodelling old jewellery so older diamonds and gemstones get a chance to shine again. If you have some old jewellery that you're not wearing or something that maybe belonged to your grandma and isn't your style then we can create something new using the stones and the metal you already have. It's an affordable way to create stunning jewellery and saves quality materials gathering dust in the back of the wardrobe. 

If you've lost one of your favourite earrings then bring it in and we can make another to match, it's that easy.

Jewellery Repairs & Alterations

We attend to all kinds of jewellery repairs and alterations in our on site jewellery workshop. Common repairs include fixing necklaces, repairing diamond and gemstone settings and replacing missing stones, reshaping bent and squashed rings and building up the metal on worn out pieces. Not all jewellery can be repaired but we try our hardest to fix all jewellery that comes to us, no matter the value. 

We are even able to remove jewellery that won't come off whether it's a ring that's been squashed onto your finger or a bracelet that's been on for years and now won't go over your hand. Using specific tools we can carefully cut off the jewellery and repair it for you, even resizing it so it can be worn again. 

Alterations include ring resizing up or down, shortening or lengthening chains, changing clasps on necklaces and bracelets, making and adding charms, adding stones, altering settings and we even  have a good selection of butterflys and backs for earrings. 

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Jewellery cleaning, polishing and plating

It's amazing what a good clean and polish can do for your jewellery. Here at Vu Jewellers we have some great equipment and techniques for getting all of the gunk and grime out of your settings then we'll polish it up and have it looking like new. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals so it's good for your jewellery and the planet. We check stone settings before we start to make sure your precious stones are safe and you won't be losing them any time soon. 

If your white gold is losing its gleam and looking a bit grey then it's likely to need some fresh rhodium plating. All white gold it rhodium plated to give it that beautiful bright white finish. We can rhodium plate white gold on site in our workshop. We also have gold plating so pop in and see us if the gold plating on your jewellery is wearing thin.  

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