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About us!

Vu Jewellers design and make unique works of wearable art, right here in beautiful Queenstown which is where the name Vu was inspired!

We are the only contemporary jewellery store in Queenstown, and the only jewellery space which exhibits both fine, craft and contemporary jewellery.


Sourcing precious metals from New Zealand and gemstones from all over the world, we make sure our materials come from ethical sources so you'll have piece of mind your new jewellery has been gathered the right way. We showcase jewellery made by New Zealand’s most talented jewellery artists (with a couple of our international friends shown for good measure!).

Specialising in bespoke wedding and engagement rings, for when you want something really special and unique. Using all sorts of stunning gemstones, from classic diamonds, sapphires and rubies, to morganites, tourmalines and emeralds.


We love to remodel unused, broken or simply unloved jewellery, removing stones and melting down the gold we create something new and unique to treasure. ​Pop in to discuss the design possibilities.

​​...find us at  8a/ 5 Hawthorne Drive, Frankton, Queenstown...

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