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The Story Behind Vu Jewellers: A Name Inspired by Breathtaking Views

Hello, I’m Claire, the Creative Director of Vu Jewellers. I wanted to share the story behind our name, one that carries a deep significance for us and encapsulates the awesome journey we've been on.

The story begins in the vibrant heart of London, where my jewellery-making journey first took root. In those early days, my workshops were tucked away in historic buildings, brimming with the tools and materials essential for our craft. However, these spaces lacked windows, cutting all us jewellers off from the outside world. Despite the rich, bustling life of the city around us, our creative environment felt incredibly enclosed, with our focus honed entirely on the intricate details of our work.

Then, a remarkable change came when we relocated to Queenstown, New Zealand; with breathtaking, panoramic views of the Remarkables mountain range. The dramatic scenery, with its ever-changing light and majestic peaks, brought a fresh wave of inspiration into my daily life. The natural beauty that surrounded me was awe-inspiring and invigorated my creativity.

The big move to NZ led to the birth of Vu Jewellers. The name "Vu" is a playful twist on the word "view," reflecting the incredible vistas we are privileged to witness every day. It’s a name that captures the essence of our surroundings and serves as a constant reminder of the stunning landscape that now influences our work. These remarkable views are more than just a backdrop; they are an integral part of our creative journey, inspiring pieces that are as dynamic and captivating as the mountains themselves.

When I think about the old windowless workshops in London, I’m reminded of how much our environment shapes our creativity. In those spaces, our focus was solely on the meticulous craftsmanship of each piece, often missing the broader inspiration that a connection to the outside world can bring. Here, surrounded by nature’s grandeur, my work has evolved to embody both precision and the natural beauty that envelops us.

At Vu Jewellers, each piece of jewellery we create is a reflection of the stunning views we cherish. Our designs are crafted with the Remarkables in mind, aiming to encapsulate the beauty and inspiration drawn from these mountains. Our name is a tribute to this incredible vista, celebrating the new perspective that has enriched our work and promising to always honor the breathtaking views that inspire us daily.

I invite you to visit us at Vu Jewellers and take a moment to look out of our gallery windows. You’ll see the same remarkable landscapes that inspire our designs and perhaps understand why we believe that every piece of our jewelry carries a piece of the Remarkables within it.

I'll look forward to seeing you soon,


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