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Choosing an Engagement Ring 

You’ve found your perfect partner and decided to pop the question but you have no idea how to choose the engagement ring to make sure they say yes!

Here at Vu Jewellers we help you choose and design the engagement ring, so pop in to see us for some expert advice and a top quality, bespoke engagement ring design your partner will never want to take off.

The first step is to make sure you know what style of jewellery your partner likes to wear - have a look a the jewellery your partner wears regularly and maybe take a peek into their jewellery box. Some people like subtle, delicate jewellery and some are more into bold and beautiful. Engagement rings can be made in any style with the gemstones and metal of your choosing so they can be really personal.

How to figure out your partners ring size

In an ideal scenario you can sneak away with one of your partners rings and we can measure it for you. This isn’t always possible though in which case we can work with you to help estimate the right size. Have a look at your partners hands – do they have skinny, average or wide fingers? Is their ring finger a similar size to one of your fingers? If the ring size is not quite perfect our in house jeweller can resize the ring and did you know if you buy an engagement ring made by Vu Jewellers we’ll resize it free of charge.


Diamonds and Gemstones

Diamonds are the most popular stone chosen for an engagement ring. Nothing sparkles like a diamond and also from a practical view they’re the most hard wearing; good quality diamonds don’t get scratched and will stay looking perfect for longer. At Vu we source diamonds graded D-G and can provide authenticity certificates and valuations for your jewellery. If you want to add a bit of colour we can source diamonds in a variety of colours. Popular coloured diamonds include pink, champagne, coffee and fancy yellow.


Sapphires are also a popular gemstone for engagement rings. They’re the second hardest stone so they will stay pristine for many many years. As with the diamonds, sapphires come in many different colours from the classic cornflour blue to parti, teal and the currently trending peach sapphire.

Our ethos for choosing diamonds and gemstones is to go for quality over quantity. If price is an influencing factor it’s better to choose a smaller perfectly formed stone.


When designing engagement rings we usually recommend sticking to diamonds and sapphires due to the strength of the stones however we’re happy to work with whichever stones you choose. You may even have some family jewellery which has been passed down to you which we can remodel for you into something fresh and new. Feel free to bring in what you have any we can work through the design process with you.



Which metal to choose

Choosing a metal is mostly based on a persons preference due to which colour most suits their skin tone. Some people like the warmer tones of yellow or rose gold while others prefer the sharpness of platinum or white gold. Again the best way to choose it to see what other jewellery you partner tends to wear as they will most likely have a preference. Another factor to consider here is whether your partner has any allergies to particular metals.

Ring design vu jewellers.JPG

The design process

You may have a specific design in mind for the engagement ring in which case come and see us and we can bring your ideas to life. If not, don’t worry we can work through the ring design process with you. Pop into Vu Jewellers and have a chat with Claire, our jeweller. You may like one of the designs in the store or Claire can show you a range of ring designs and sketch up some options based on your ideas. You may want to have a look on instagram, pinterest and google to get an idea of the styles you like before you come. Once you’ve decided upon a design Claire can make it in silver first so you can confirm it’s what you like before sourcing the materials and creating the final piece.


Once you’ve decided on your design it take roughly six weeks to source the materials and hand make the engagement ring so please allow for this when planning how and when you’re going to pop the question.


Stand in Rings 

If after considering all these points you’re still not comfortable deciding on your partners engagement ring you can always buy a “place saver” for the proposal and then work with your partner to design their ring once they’ve said yes. We have a great selection of rings to suit this scenario in Vu Jewellers so pop in and see us.

A selection of stand in rings - plenty more to choose from in store and online.

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Engagement Rings

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