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Jewellery Valuations at Vu Jewellers


No matter how careful we are with our most precious pieces of jewellery it’s far too easy for accidents to happen and for them to get lost or broken. If you have any jewellery that means something to you it’s important to make sure it’s covered by your insurance - just in case.


In general, insurance companies in New Zealand require you to itemise any jewellery that’s value is above $1500NZD although it’s worth a quick phone call to your insurance company to confirm their policy. If you have jewellery that doesn’t need to be itemised but is still precious to you then make sure you photograph it so you have proof of ownership and also a record of the design in case it needs to be remade at some point.


For jewellery that needs to be itemised on your insurance policy you will be required to get a valuation certificate so bring your jewellery into Vu Jewellers and we can do a full valuation and provide you with the certificates to present to your insurance company.

Jewellery valuations are charged at $80 per item. There can be additional charges if you have items with a large number of stones because each stone will need assessing individually. We can let you know of any additional charges when you drop in your jewellery. The valuation price includes

  • Full clean and polish

  • Full check over to ensure stones are secure in their settings

  • Photo’s of each jewellery piece

  • 2 hard copies of valuation certificate – one for you and one for the insurance company

  • Valuation records are kept on file at Vu Jewellers should you need another copy.


Vu jewellers - jewellery valuations for

Due to changes in the market value of diamonds, gemstones and precious metals such as gold and platinum the value of your jewellery will change over time. We recommend it’s worth getting your high value items revalued every 5 to 10 years to ensure your insurance value is correct.

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